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Great success is not a thing. It is the sum of many, many small things.

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What makes QuickHabits different?

We schedule task reminders around your sleep schedule. All tasks are sent in the morning before you wake up, waiting in your inbox when you are ready to accomplish them. When you complete a task, go to that day's e-mail and mark it as completed by clicking on the appropriate link.
The QuickHabits difference: Any tasks that are not completed for the day are included in a final e-mail a couple hours before you go to bed, as a last reminder to complete them. If you've already completed that day's tasks, we don't send the evening reminder. As far as we know, ours is the only daily reminder service that works this way. That makes us unique!

Getting started

Begin by creating an account. If you choose our guided program, we'll ask you a few questions about yourself and help you build goals in 5 different areas. This helps our coaches understand how your brain works and what you want to accomplish. If you choose the self-directed option, you'll create your own daily tasks.

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Guided Task Program

As an upgraded option, we will custom-design a plan that has anywhere from 1-3 simple tasks you must complete every day. Your daily tasks will be so simple, you'll think it's a joke. Our guided approach has a great chance of helping you reach your goals and includes 1-on-1 messaging with a coach when you need it!

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Plans start as low as $2 per month or $20 per year. This includes all messaging and task achievement tracking. Each account is allowed up to 5 daily tasks to manage. We will give you cash if it doesn't!

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