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A different way to better yourself!

Let's face it. As humans, we are terrible at making, sticking to, and reaching our personal goals. If this is you, you're not alone. As few as 8% of people achieve their New Year's resolutions. It sounds to us like people are making a lot of goals, but not achieving them. We don't like that.

The problem

Most people don't meet their goals because they attempt to do something big. We have an issue making the connection between point A (where we are) and point B (big goal we want to achieve). This is especially true today. There are too many things vying for our attention and we cannot focus on them all. This causes us to miss the small steps needed to reach that big, bad goal. We don't go to the gym because the time it would take interferes with meals, taking the kids to events, and doing your work today.

The solution

Introducing: Quick Habits. We take your big goals and morph them into incredibly small tasks. The tasks are so small and take so little time to do, that it will be impossible for you to not do them each and every day. Instead of saying you want 6-pack abs, we say "do one sit-up a day". That's it. You can do more if you want...but you MUST do the one sit-up every day, without question or fail. This prevents you from getting discouraged from not meeting a goal. The daily task is so simple, there's no reason not to do it. That is why our methods are different. They're designed to increase your chances of success when reaching goals.

How does it work?

Every morning when you wake up, there will be an email in your inbox with your daily task (or tasks). After you complete the task, click on the link in your reminder email for that task and we'll mark it done. If you don't mark the task as completed, we'll send you a second email reminding you of the tasks that are left a few hours before you normally go to bed as a final reminder for that day. Our messaging system will handle your tasks like this every day. Over time, you will be doing way more than your smallest tasks and on your way to positive goal achievement. As an extra bonus we will also help you keep track of your tasks when you meet and exceed them, allowing you to track your progress over time.

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